res doctae offers two OAI Interfaces for metadata harvesting

Both OAI-Interfaces make all collections as sets available.

Special Sets of the DINI complient interface:
  • DDC-Sets based on the Dewey Decimal Classification of the Records.
  • Sets based on document types.

Special Sets of the DRIVER complient interface:

  • Open Access DRIVERset
    contains publications with free accessable full text. This currently applies to all our items.

Use of metadata

The documents which you can access via res doctae are equipped with certain metadata elements such as author, year of publication, publisher and ISBN. The metadata can be accessed via the webpage or the OAI-Interface.

The metadata may be re-used in any medium without prior permission for non-commercial purposes. The commercial re-use of the metadata is only allowed with prior consent of the Academy of Sciences and Humanities Göttingen.

Re-use as defined by this provision means any permanent storage, processing – whether automatically or manually – transmission or making available to third parties of the metadata or individual data sets. Re-use for non-commercial purposes as defined by this provision is the re-use of the metadata individual data sets if the user does not pursue the purpose of commercial gain. A typical non-commercial purpose is the own scientific use.

You are therefore free to process, permanently store, archive, alter or use in any given form as long as you do not follow a commercial purpose. Anyone may access the metadata free of charge.

In case you want to use the metadata for a commercial purpose, please contact

Use of data

The documents can be used without charge under the rules of german copyright law