As member of the Academy of Sciences in Göttingen or as member of one of its scientific committees and projects you are entitled to use res doctae, the document server of the Academy of Sciences in Göttingen, for your electronic Open-Access publications.
The following points should be taken into account before publication and are supposed to serve you as a guideline contributing to a smooth placement of your publication on res doctae:


      Making your publication publicly available on res doctae will only be possible if you transfer the digital rights of use to the Academy. Please print out the prepared Rights Agreement and fill in your name as well as the complete title of your publication in the text field provided for this purpose. Then please send us the Agreement signed by you to the following postal address:

      z. Hd. des Publikationsreferenten
      Theaterstraße 7
      37073 Göttingen

      In case that co-authors have contributed to your work or publishers are involved, please make sure that each of these persons will also sign his/her own Rights Agreements and will send it to the Academy.

      Please keep in mind that your work cannot be made freely available until receipt of all signed Agreements.


      In case that your work has already been published anywhere else, it can only be made available if the rights of the authority that first published your work (a publishing company, for example) are not in conflict with an electronic utilization on res doctae. This to a great extent depends on the respective agreements entered into between the publishing companies and the authors or publishers. The various regulations range from a general prohibition of distribution of the published work and a restriction of this exclusiveness in terms of time to the permission to publish the work on a Web server belonging to the institution of the author.

      Should you have any doubts regarding the admissibility of your second publication, please get in touch with our Publikationsreferenten, that is with the person responsible for publications ( and be ready to provide the following information:

      • Name of all authors (or the name of the legal successor in case that the author has died),
      • Title, year and publishing company of the work,
      • Type of the work (monograph, anthology, essay, etc.) and
      • Rights Agreements with the publishing company (authors contracts, other rights arrangements, etc.).

      You will find further information about Open Access and second publications here. .


    A PDF/A file is requested for publications on res doctae. Please take note of our information on PDF generation . The PDF file must not be subject to any safety restrictions and not be protected by a password. The file has to contain all of the fonts (typefaces) used.

    In addition, you are required to provide us with::

    • Key words in German and English,
    • a classification of the special field with a least one class of the second level of Dewey-Decimalklassification (DDC) and
    • information as to when and where the work was published for the first time, if appropriate.

    If at hand, you can also submit a word processing file or a record file (e. g. Microsoft Word, LaTeX ), provided that this file is not subject to any safety restrictions and is not protected by a password and that it contains all components which are an integral part of the content (such as, for example, graphic, video and audio files). In case that an abstract does exist, this should also be made available.
    To create this text file please use the following template!


    res doctae offers you the possibility of collecting, storing, cataloguing and archiving electronic scientific documents and of making them digitally available to the public. Delivery of the publication is effected by means of a Workflow which will be available to you after your non-recurring registration and following Application. We would like to ask you to observe the following steps in the registration process:

    • Send an e-mail stating your wish for registration to the EDV-Referent (person responsible for electronic data processing) of AdW.
    • You will receive an e-mail leading you to the registration page. Please follow the instructions.
    • After registration you will receive an e-mail with a confirmation link. Please confirm that you want to get registered.

    Afterwards, you can log in and proceed as follows in order to publish a document in res doctae:

    • Log in on the Registration page .
    • Navigate to the collection where you want to publish.
    • Click on the Link "Ein Dokument in dieser Sammlung veröffentlichen" (“Publishing a document in this collection”).
    • Follow the steps from the Deposit Workflow.
    • At the end of the Deposit Workflow, please print out the Rights Agreement, fill it in and send it to the Publikationsreferenten, .
    • After legal assessment by AdW, your document will be activated.

    If you deposit your publication in res doctae, you agree to the fact that it will be made available in accordance with the Open Access Objectives of the Academy which are described in more detail in the Guidelines .



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